Quantum Music

Quantum Music’s content is international, informative, and entertaining. Established in 2017, our company has quickly built a loyal fan base with tens of millions of followers.

Our team carefully curates and produces content to satisfy the current young generation’s pursuit of new entertainment and fashion trends.

We have also built a massive network of influencers (aka. KOLs). Our mission is to serve the customers “more professionally, more efficiently, and more precisely”.


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In 2020, Quantum Music maintained a strong performance amidst the covid-19 pandemic. To quickly adapt to the volatile market conditions ignited by the pandemic, Quantum Music focused on Douyin (aka. TikTok China) and expedited the influencer network’s expansion. We achieved record numbers of followers and online impressions. During the year, Quantum Music formed strategic partnerships with a broad portfolio of well-established platforms and brands.


KOL Network



Partnership Platforms